Sunday, March 15, 2009

Git 'Er Done Update

I got quite a bit done during the week to make up for not doing much last weekend. We had a nice day where I opened up all the windows and stained a new batch of trim in the basement. Then I took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and took all that trim out on the porch to polyurethane it. Today I finished the trim in the kitchen, all but one piece that I need to do on a jigsaw so it fits around the countertop.

Speaking of the countertop, Brian & I finally put the endcaps on. Now you can't see the old butcher block counters that are underneath.

It doesn't quite cover everything from this angle but unless you're 3 years old it looks pretty good when you walk through the kitchen. It was not a fun project - you have to cut and file it to fit and then heat it up so it sticks. I have enough pictures to do a step-by-step tutorial, let me know if you need that info.

Remember me talking about painting the window frames? Here's a pic of what I painted (the reddish brown part).

Now here's how it looks with the new trim instead of the old stuff with 10+ layers of paint.

The original trim was a funny two piece configuration that was quite wide. To buy real trim that wide would have cost a fortune. Instead, I'm using 1x3 boards and then adding what they call "cove moulding". This means that I basically have to do everything with the boards, then go back and do it all with the edging again. Here's the edging I'm talking about.

Brian got a lot done too, he actually filled a 20 yard dumpster by himself this weekend. The weather is finally nice enough to start cleaning up the burnt part of the shed so we can start rebuilding. I'll post more about that (& pictures) later.

Here's a simple little change that makes a big difference:

That slimy soap bottle was driving me crazy! I was trying to hold out for a great find at a resale shop but my friend took me to Walmart before the knitting class and convinced me to buy that green bottle. It was $1.88 and made in China. Eww, but I have to admit it does match my kitchen pretty well.

Okay, just one more and then I'm done:

Finally, something a little more fun! I decorated our bedroom a little bit. My cousin got us this great frame for a wedding present and had a lot of the guests sign it. It is nice to read all the well wishes when I'm falling asleep.

So, I made progress on bedroom: decorate, kitchen: finish trim, and back room: new trim. Plus I can cross these off my list - kitchen: end caps on countertops & paint fridge.

How are your projects coming?


Farmer's Daughter said...

We're pretty much done with the pantry. I may post some pictures this afternoon and talk about joining your challenge!

Jena said...

Yay! I bet it looks great! Now you get to fill it with all that great food you'll be growing.