Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It Has Begun...(drumroll please)

What is IT? Canning season that is. And no, that's not why I've been missing. I've been missing because my blogging addiction has given way to a Ravelry addiction which has led me to begin knitting everyone's Christmas presents now, while I'm still motivated and sort of have the time.

I promise to post more soon. My order of peaches came in tonight which will lead directly in to apple and tomato seasons which might clash slightly with the vacation to who knows where that we're taking the week of Labor Day. That will all keep me busy but it will give me lots of blog worthy material too.

I leave you with this. Anyone who can tell what it is gets an imaginary pat on the back from me. :)


Adam said...

Why, that looks like a self-propelled picnic table! I've always wanted one of those!, do I get that pat on the back now?

Everydaywoman said...

Oh, I know . . . it's a portable, party station/bar that you can move around the farm with the tractor for on-site refreshments after a hot day of haying, etc. The spout in the center is the tap for cold ones, and the "gas pump" behind it actually holds the beer!

My guys would love this, as there's a lot of hot jobs around the farm this time of year!

Did Brian build this? He should patent it!!!

Everydaywoman said...

P.S., Jena~

I'm impressed about the "Ravelry" addition! It's way too HOT to even thing about knitting around here, but you're smart to get a jump-start on Xmas gifts!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Jena,

Thinking of you as I make a pumpkin cheesecake today! It's hot but apparently my tastes have already headed toward fall...

Jena said...

Adam gets it right (pat on the back)!! We were at m cousin's enjoying the pool last weekend and the neighbors were driving it around. I guess they built it on an old lawnmower frame. They're supposedly quite common at some of the bigger tractor pulls but I had never seen such a thing before!! I guess you can drive around and drink beer without having to walk. :)

Ruth - Lol, if they make one I want to see pictures! I don't know why I'm so in to knitting right now. I should get outside and finish the things on my git er done list that I can't do in winter!

FD - Oh, that sounds so good. I was thinking of trying to make peanut butter cheesecake for Brian as tomorrow is our anniversary. Then I thought about making a giant peanut butter cup but I think I should buy Reese's PB instead of using the natural stuff for that. Anyway, enjoy your cheesecake!

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