Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Day, We're tired

So I may not have mentioned it yet but both Brian and I's moms are moving or planning to move. Brian's Mom has to be out of her house by the end of August. It isn't as bad as it could be since she moved out of there and in with her husband quite a few years ago. It has been really tough for her though because Brian's Dad and brother have both passed away and a lot of there stuff was in the house and had to be sorted through. We also had a lot of stuff left in the house from when we lived there before moving to the farm. If you haven't heard, Michigan's economy bites and almost no houses are selling. Someone actually came to Brian's Mom and made her a really good offer on the house - it wasn't even for sale. I think this is meant to be and I'll be so glad when it is done.

My Mom is planning to move closer to us next spring. Right now her and my little sister live about 45-60 minutes away from us. My sister will be graduating from high school next year. So far we haven't found a house for them but we're really hoping one will open up very close to us. I grew up with my Aunt right next door and loved going to visit. I keep saying I don't want to have to drive, when we have kids and they wear me out I want to say, "Go see your Grandma!!" and mean it. They're aren't many houses around us so we'll see what happens.

So all of this means that we needed to get all of our stuff out of both houses. Today was the day. My Mom and sister brought what was left at their house. They met me at Brian's Mom's house and helped me get the rest of the little stuff. Now all that is left is some furniture and a few things for Brian, plus he has to get stuff out of the shop there.

We worked at our house ALL DAY to organize the upstairs, haul everyone's old crap out, and move our stuff in. Every one in Brian's family left stuff in our attic. We tried to save some of the important things but at this point I feel like they should have come and got their things by now. Our porch is packed full of junk to go out to the trash. I hate throwing it all away but who is going to want a box of old waders, shoes, and mouse poop? We set aside anything salvageable to donate.

We did find a lot of cool pictures and old letters - I'll share more about that as soon as we have time to look through them. I'm so glad we're one step closer to make this house our home, instead of free storage for everyone else.

After that Brian and I moved 75 bales of hay in to the neighbor's mow. I almost never have to move hay anymore and it is HARD when you haven't been using those muscles. Then I took a shower and made another batch of homemade oreos. Now I'm going to check some blogs and knit until I fall asleep.

Have a great night! What cool things have you found in your house? Did you work hard today or get to relax?


Farmer's Daughter said...

So here's what I got from your post: Jena has a sister! My brothers were just asking me if you had a sister :)

The boys were in a tractor pull today, their first one. I just posted pics. Then a group of my colleagues got together at our farm market for ice cream, then we had my cousin's grad party, then we had to take care of the horses, then my brothers came over here for a late snack. Oh, and Ed went clamming this morning then took my brother Nate fishing this afternoon. It was a fun but busy and tiring day! We certainly didn't work as hard as you did!

Since we built our house, we didn't find any cool stuff here! :(

Abutton said...

Wow, it sounds like you worked hard today! Don't you love that feeling of complete exhaustion, but knowing that you got a lot done? Or am I just weird to like feeling that way? :)

Jena said...

FD - Lol! Well, tell your brothers that while my sister is a very cool person, her and I are almost complete opposites! She's more of a city kind of girl who enjoys going shopping and buying wild purses and shoes. Yes, she's a teenager so some of that is expected but she's always been more of a girly-girl. Anyway, we don't have to worry about that for at least 2 years. Haha. ;)

Oh boy, I might not tell Brian your brothers are pulling now. He'll ask me every question under the sun about their tractors.

Abutton - No, you're exactly right. It is so nice to walk upstairs and not feel like a tornado struck up there.

Jena'smom said...

Heeeeyyyyyy....why didn't you make home made Oreos when WE were there???!!!! hahahahaha We might have been persuaded to stay and unload that hay in exchange for oreos! :)