Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Today I did some more painting around the windows and Brian took down the old trim in our entryway. I did venture outside long enough to take some pictures. It was over 40 again today so a lot of the snow melted away.

The garden and the little red barn. I hope we can tear it down this summer, it is in major disrepair.

Here you can see the stone landscaping in front of the porch. I did two sides of the house last year and will finish the other two this year.

Our fields

The piles of snow from plowing all winter are melting fast.

The end of our driveway. I added more stonecrete to the list of future improvements.

The last of the round bales.

This wheat is growing!

The flatbed all loaded with round bales. We have enough left to sell these to a friend.

Especially since the barn is still full of square bales!

The end of our pasture and a big part of the next field always flood.

Angel, of the ewes. They were hilarious jumping over and playing with this bale.

I was trying to catch a picture of Bonnie chewing on my pants. She is due February 23rd and will be our first ewe to deliver. She is also the one who had the scabbing on her face. It is almost completely cleared up now.

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Joyce said...

I like that third photo down; the angle made by the snow is interesting!

Aisling said...

Wow! Your wheat is growing! The only things growing here so far are evergreen or semi-evergreen, so they don't count.

Thanks for strolling again. Great photos!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for the farm tour!

Anonymous said...

If I hadn't known you lived near me before I certainly would have after that tour! :) We certainly live in the flatlands, don't we? Thanks for sharing.