Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our 1st Farm Truck

I try to plan for big purchases. This year it was going to be a toss-up between a loader for the JD 4010 (or a separate loader tractor) or a farm truck. Brian found a pretty decent farm truck for sale nearby and we were planning to test drive it this spring. It is the kind with the cab and the box all on one chassis, I don't know the length.

Of course things never go as planned. Brian talked to my cousin on Christmas, heard about a different truck, and went and bought it this week. We didn't think about it nearly long enough for my taste but it was quite a deal.

The truck has some sentimental value for me. My aunt and her husband were killed about 5 years ago and this truck belonged to them. It has been in a storage yard since then and my cousin finally got all the paperwork done so he could sell it. It is a '98 Freightliner and came with twin 28' flatbed trailers and a dolly. We have the trailers and dolly for sale and think we can sell them for at least half of what we paid for the whole thing.

The truck is in excellent condition. It is newer than we needed but cost less than most older trucks. My cousin set the price low because he didn't know if it would run after sitting so long. Brian determined that it needs a water pump and a couple small things, but it does run.

Brian said it is a genuine "Michigan special" which means the frame is reinforced and will hold up really well even if we drive it right in the field. I can't wait to see our logo on the door! I'm also excited to learn to drive it. I didn't want to try it with our friends' trucks but now that we have our own I'm determined to learn.

So I can cross one thing of the list... of course we have nothing to pull behind it! ;P


GreenRanchingMom said...

YEAH! Wow! and it sounds like you paid for it too, not financed. What an accomplishment. Now, he'll have to start looking for a trailer. You'll have fun learning to drive it!

Farmer's Daughter said...