Monday, April 6, 2009

Git 'Er Done Update

I've been busy again...if you'd like more details on any of these projects just let me know! Hopefully this will inspire you somehow. :)

Time to update the master list. Red = done last year. Black = to be done. Blue = done in 2009.

New bedding (received as wedding gift)
Paint walls & ceiling
Move closet (tear it out and rebuild in a different spot)
New TV (flatscreen - eliminated stand and gave us more floor space)

Mount lamp on wall
New trim
New curtains
Add 2nd clothes rod in closet
Cover hole for access to pipes (we cut this when changing plumbing in bathroom)

Rewire (and new switches/covers)
Curtain on closet
New light fixture
Paint window frames

Bathroom sink before

Paint walls & ceiling
Eliminate old rust stains
New faucets/hardware
New shower curtain & rod

New curtain over window (in shower)
Curtain around base of sink

Refinish cabinet
Get a quote for recoating the tub
New trim
New lighting
Replace mirror (or make it look better)
Rewire (and new switches/covers)

Bathroom sink after

Find Brian a desk
Get a deal on a desk chair

Paint walls & ceiling
New lighting
New curtains

Removed wallpaper/patched/painted (Thanks Mom!!)
Refinished cabinets/rearranged them
New countertops
New trim (started)
New stove
New (used) dishwasher
New faucet

Paint window frames
Curtains in front of sink/trash

Finish trim
Baseboard for long cabinet
End caps on countertops
Paint baseboard on sink
Paint fridge

Hook up range hood
New lighting

Brian tearing off old trim with 10 coats of paint on it

Back Room (entryway):
Paint walls/ceiling
New trim (almost done!!)
Paint window frames
Refinish cabinet door
Build/buy a bench/shoe rack
(Coat rack was her - now we don't need it - removing this)

Clean off/organize stair shelf

Nice new trim in same area

Old gross couch that smells like dog

Living Room
Paint walls & ceiling
Refinish trim
Have floor refinished
New area rug

New light fixture
Make slipcovers for couches - don't need this now because we have a new to us couch and NO DOGS are allowed on it! Yay!

Nice new clean couch!

Rabbit Room aka Guest Bedroom
Paint walls & ceiling

Move rabbits out
Fix window screen (where rabbits chewed through it)

Touch up paint on trim

Start cleaning/getting rid of everyone's junk
New washing machine
Buy laundry tub
Build corn storage bin
New corn stove

Finish cleaning
Install laundry tub
Install shower
New cabinets/tables/shelves (build or buy)
Dust/vacuum rafters
Clean out cistern (Baxter thinks it is his litterbox...gross)
Curtain @ base of stairs

Landscape around 1/2 house
Plant 2 pear trees (one died already)
Create garden
New porch roof
Tear our overgrown bushes
Repaired bad spot in shop roof
Built lean-to on back of shed (burned)
Get rid of lots of junk/scrap that is filling backyard
Install fence/plant pasture

Finish landscaping
Plant more fruit trees (they're on order!)
Paint foundation of house
New exterior doors on house
Farm sign/flagpole/strawberries?
Flowers by mailbox/along road
Repair shed fire damage/build new
Finish/repair fences
Tear down little red barn
Paint new OSB on shop ceiling
Paint small shop door
Tear down garage?
New stonecrete in driveway?
Better plan for black walnuts (help!?)
Plant corn & pumpkins
Improve pasture
Poultry tractors/fence


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

I love the pictures! Everything looks great! But I have to say, your list made ME tired!! :) I think that may be because I have 3 kids...I think you are definitely on the right track to getting all of that done before having kids! :) (((hugs)))

Jena said...

Lol, thanks for the feedback! It is an exhaustive list but we have lived here almost 2 years now am I so sick of looking at all this stuff, I just want it all to be done! The way things are going I might have the house done sooner than I thought so I can work outside more this summer. Then when we have kids I can just deal with normal cleaning/maintenance instead of all this nonsense.

Farmer's Daughter said...

Wow! Your get-up-and-go is inspiring.

Everydaywoman said...

Whew! What you've accomplished! You're making me tired just reading your list! Congrats on all those jobs, well done . . . again, does your hubby know how fortunate he is to have YOU?

Abutton said...

You have gotten so much done! Your list is inspiring and I am totally impressed! :)

Abutton said...

P.S. I love the new trim! It looks lovely.

Jena said...

Ruth & Abutton - Thanks! Like I've said, I am just so tired of looking at the old stuff, annoyances can be really motivating. Brian and I have an agreement on why I'm doing the trim: he hates it and although I hate it too, I know if he didn't do it right I'd be mad. This way I know where every mistake is and can only blame myself. Things work much better that way! :)