Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Few Turkeys!

Last year at this time I brought home some chicks from the feed store so I could gain experience with egg layers. After having them all year I felt confident enough to order some heritage chicks that will arrive next month.

I think that someday I would like to offer turkeys to our customers, especially around the holidays. Of course I want to raise a heritage breed but they are very expense and usually have minimum order requirements. I've heard turkeys are much more fragile than chickens but have never raised them myself. I brought home 3 Bronze White turkey poults from the feed store. They'll be good to practice with and maybe we'll even have our own turkey dinner next winter! In the meantime I'm just going to enjoy how cute they are and pray that the cat does not break in and eat them since they are currently living in our basement. I'll keep you posted on how this project goes! Any turkey advice to share?


Farmer's Daughter said...


I thought for sure a piglet would be your next purchase :)

Jena said...

Lol. Did I tell you I did talk to a pig breeder though? He's supposed to call me if he has any left from the current litter, so we could have some as soon as May! Our friend's are starting to tease us that we could start Noah's Ark if we keep going like this. :)

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said... they are cute at some point in their lives! :) I would like to get a few someday, and some meat chickens. We started with the ducklings (for egg layers) because I read they are hardier and easier to care for than chickens. I figure if we can keep them alive, then we'll try chickens. Maybe turkeys after that. I look forward to hearing how they do for you!

Farmer's Daughter said...

Haha! We call Ed's brother Dr. Doolittle because he has 2 dogs, a chamileon (is that spelled right?), some kind of parakeet, a salt water fish tank with all kinds of neat fish, chickens, guinnea hens, and some other things I'm forgetting. We all have a lot of animals but they just have strange ones, haha. Oh and he grows clams and oysters, so we can count those in the mix of his wierd pets.

Julie said...

Awesome! I'll just have to enjoy these through you! I wish we could do that here. =)