Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday Stroll

So today I went strollin', and this is what I saw.

The leaves are so thick you can't see the grass in a lot of spots.

I've still got some peas trying to grow in the garden. I don't think they'lll make it much longer. Temps are supposed to be down to 27 tonight.

Here's a bigger picture of the garden, all done now. That's the asparagus there in the middle (I didn't want anyone thinking my weeds were THAT tall!)

Maci, enjoying the fall.

And the horses.

They were very happy to get a new round bale.

Check out who else is strolling over at Quiet Country House.

Also, thanks to Joyce, I'll be mentioning something that I am thankful in each post this month, in no particular order. What a great way to carry the Thanksgiving spirit all the way through! Today I am thankful for my dogs. We have 3: Bear, Sam, & Maci. I appreciate having them around because they are always in a good mood and happy to see me, even when I'm crabby and not particularly nice to them. They keep us from being lazy by waking us up every day - there pretty much set to go off at 5:30 even on the weekend. They help me feel safe when Brian is gone, and they are good cuddlers. Of course they do have there problems (like when Maci launched WWIII on my chickens :| ) but I love them all the same. Forgot to mention how entertaining they are, as right now I'm watching the cat bat the dog in the face.

So, what are you thankful for?


Joyce said...

Nice stroll, Jena! It's neat to see your farm- I love the horses!
I've got you listed in my sidebar. Thanks for join in the Thanksgiving fun.

Aisling said...

What a nice stroll, Jena. I'm so glad you joined us!

Your dogs are so sweet! Also, I love the horses at their bale.

Great idea about posting what you are thankful for (I missed Joyce's post about that; gotta head over there and check it out.)

Everydaywoman said...

I, too, am thankful for our ever-faithful companions, our dogs, our horses, and our farm. I think I feel much the same about them as you do! I just love your blog, finding out about it when you left a comment on my daughter, Abbie's blog (aka "the Farmer's Daughter). The photo of you in your wedding gown on the JD tractor surely caught my eye! At Abbie's wedding, she and her new husband danced to "She thinks my tractor's sexy!" Perhaps that song was played at your wedding, too?
All the best!

Abbie said...

I love your dogs!
My golden retriever Duke stayed on the farm with my parents when we moved off of it. I just couldn't take a farm dog off the farm. But I visit him often!

Abbie said...

AND I just realized that my mom commented right before me, haha.